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Playing the game on the investor role.
As you will have read in the previous topic, our gameplay system is divided into 2 main groups: players and investors. In part, investors will focus on building horse ranches and land ownership.
So you may ask, what is the benefit of developing a horse ranch? Or why do we need to build a ranch? The "racehorse" is in effect the game's central theme. Consequently, every action of the player and investor is always related to this.
Investors invest in building ranches, buying facilities, buying racehorses, or even customizing their ranch.
Players take on the role of taking care of the horses according to the career they have chosen. Therefore, any group must use horses as a medium for participating in all activities.

🕹 Gameplay

In order to play the game, the investor must have two basic assets. A horse that can be raced, and also an area in which to take care of it, a ranch. In order to develop these assets, they need to engage with a facility. For example, the owner needs to have equipment in the training category such as the racecourse track used for training runs. Other facilities include items such as stables. These are needed if you have several racehorses.
Then, can we expand our plot on the farm? Of course! This can be done by using STAR Tokens to buy from the Marketplace.
When the ranch size is increased, this also means higher farm goodwill. This refers to the reputation that is earned by winning a large amount of competitions. So, in effect “facilities x ranch goodwill = Returns.

🎉 Reward

There are multiple revenue streams that can be created by the investor in order to make money. These include farm asset management, investing in breeding race horses and selling them in the marketplace. There is the potential to develop racehorse teams to compete for prizes, or owning a racecourse to earn a return on race fees. owning a racecourse to earn a competition fee, or even betting on your own horses.
Farming earn $SPEED
The rewards for running the ranch are derived from various sources, such as the owner having racehorses use the facilities, or by staking various facilities there. The rewards will be paid in $SPEED Tokens. These can be used to pay for various in-game activities such as the purchase of certain assets. They can even be used for hiring someone.
There is the option of making money by breeding horses. As we know, we initially have 10,000 horses. We anticipate this is only going to be enough horses for the game to be able to start being played and other horses will be needed according to market demands. In order to satisfy the increase in demand, a large number of horses will need to be bred. If you only have a male or female horse, you can use the Breeding Board to announce that you are looking to find a horse to breed, as obviously you need two horses to breed.
When a colt is bred, the daddy horse owner will receive JOC Tokens as a reward. If you are the owner of the mommy horse, the colt can then be sold on the marketplace to someone who wants it. Please note the seller needs to pay a 4.25% fee to sell.
Horse racing is another way to gain rewards. If you are good enough to win a race with your horse, you will earn a reward in the form of our valuable Governance Token $STAR Tokens. Please remember that in order to win, you need a great jockey to ride your horse.
The agreement to hire a player is at the discretion and acceptance of compensation between the investor and the employee. The payment condition can be set to be at a revenue sharing agreement (percentage) or a set rental price. Both types will receive different returns.
There will be limited options within the game to bid at auction for land to build a racecourse. Please note there are limited land sales available for this.
When you own the racecourse, you can set the price of tickets for competitions. And you will be awarded a competition fee (30% withholding tax).
Bet license
There are privileges for those who have racecourse-type land, and you can take part in the licensing giveaway. The licenses are limited to only 195 tickets. The reward for those who have a license is the commission from the players wagering in the game.
For example, if the total prize pool in the event at #23401012022 total stake is $10,000, 0.8% commission will be charged to the system, and license holders will receive 0.45% commission, 0.2% on the winning horse, and 0.15% system fee, for a total of 0.8%.