๐Ÿ”ฅJOC Reduction

There will be a method of reducing the tokens circulated within the game to maintain supply and demand.

JOC Token mechanism

As $JOC is a limited token, in order not to run out of liquidity within its distribution, the $JOC that is used mechanically within the game will be added equally to both pools to maintain that liquidity.

Level up your career path

In order to help balance both gameplay and economics within the game, we have developed a system that will remove $JOC out of the circulating supply by creating a character development system. Character training will be done through various types of mini-games, and $JOC will be used to pay for these mini-games. The details of the mini-games are discussed in the Gameplay section.

Training will increase Player Stats for a player. During this training, the stats of all 4 professions have the potential to change. In order to balance the game-play, when any stat is increased, there is the chance that other profession stats may either stay the same or may even decrease. The game uses the Quadrilema principle, by splitting professions into 4 different options or classes. You can view more details in the Gameplay section.

Other JOC Use-case

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