๐Ÿ”ฅSTAR Reduction

Reducing the circulating supply of $STAR Tokens within the Starverse environment.

Horses Staking

For owners of horses, staking them within the farm requires $STAR. Horses stake amounts are based on the following $STAR holdings:

$STAR StakingBenefit


2 Horses

Every 1 $STAR Staking

+1 Horse stake

STAR Redeem

This is to exchange $STAR for $SPEED without additional service fees charge, $SPEED received is freshly minted earned and $STAR exchanged will be burned out of the system. The exchange rate is based on USD at the time of exchange.

Other STAR Use-case

๐ŸผpageBreeder๐Ÿ›๏ธpageMarketplacepageRanch Plots

This concerns Farm owners, ranch expansion will require a large amount of $STAR. Whether it's staking to increase the number of horses on the farm, breeding horses, exchanging $STAR for $SPEED, expanding the ranch by purchasing Ranch Plots or purchasing various items on the ranch through the Marketplace, players will require $STAR for all applications.

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