Speed Star
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Participating in games as a player and earning rewards within the game
The players are important for our economic system. If there are no players in the system, the game can’t continue. We do care about the players and want them to enjoy the game and its activities. This diagram will explain how important players are in Speed Star, as well as what rewards they can potentially earn.

🕹 Gameplay

The playstyle that we have come up with is what we call "Work and Play to Earn". So, we created roles and duties within the game. From these, our players can choose which roles they want to take on. So they can play by training, or by playing games to practice. It is hoped our players will develop an expertise with work that they can use with a large group of ranchers to generate returns for themselves. That’s why we call it “Work and Play to Earn.”
The player can play the game while doing enjoyable work and earning a worthwhile reward.

🎉 Rewards

As has been mentioned previously, the reward system has been designed so that rewards can be earned from the various roles that the players undertake. Every job such as jockey, therapist, trainer or breeder will earn $JOC as a reward from the system.
Another reward that players can receive are $SPEED. The employer or the investor who has hired the players to do various activities is responsible for paying this.