Speed Star


The currencies we use in our game: $JOC, $SPEED and $STAR.
There are three main tokens that are used to encourage the economic system in the game to run fluidly. These are the basic functions of each token.

JOC Tokens ($JOC)

These tokens are important not only for players and their career development but also for improving skills training. In addition, they are used for downgrading the professions’ Mastery and Max EXP, in order to store more EXP faster. $JOC are also used to restore energy from the player’s activities, and to buy items from the Marketplace.


This is the base currency used within the game, as all player activities are involved with $SPEED. This includes such areas as ranch development and expansion, raising horses, hiring other players and betting on racehorses.

STAR Tokens ($STAR)

$STAR is our Governance Token, these are limited to a total of 30 million tokens and will be distributed across our starverse games. That means you can use $STAR in combination with other games! The main use of $STAR is for the important things, such as trading assets on the Marketplace.