Conditions of Racecourse Land

Racecourse Land

The following conditions will apply to the Racecourse Land.

For Horses Owner

  • Horse owners can bring their own horses to register in this Land. This, however, is limited to 30,000 horses per land. Horses registered with the Land must also be registered one by one for every player to have the same chance to register.

  • Horses registered on the Land will have a 3-day time period (counted starting the next day after registration) For example: The horse is registered on the 1st at 01.00 (UTC) the 3-day period will count down starting on the 2nd at 00.00 (UTC). After staying there until the 5th 00.00 (UTC) the horse will automatically be kicked off the land to open space for other players to register.

  • STAR coins will be used to pay the registration fees.We will announce the exact price when we update the patch.

  • Horses in Land will be locked after registering, making them unable to play other modes for the duration of the Land.

  • For now, we won't be limiting the level of horses, but after we open other land auctions, we will limit registration to max level horses only.

  • For horses to be registered, horse holders must have at least 1 Facility Sportsbook in their bag. Landowners will not be able to withdraw or transfer the Facility Sportsbook out of the bag until there are no horses left on the Land.

For player

  • All players of SpeedStar can register in the Land. The Land will limit the number of Players to 6,000. The duration for Players on the Land is 1 day. The countdown will start on the next day after registration from 00.00 (UTC), the countdown will follow the same principle as with the horses. After 1 day, the player will be kicked from the Land to open a spot for a new player.

  • There is currently no registration fee in place for the player character, this however can be changed later as appropriate for the game.

  • The player must have Mastery III or above in any profession. Players in Land will be locked after registering, so they cannot play other modes for the duration of Land.

The various fees are distributed by the system and will be divided by % as follows:

  • Handover Fee to landowner 40%.

  • A fee is given to horses that are taken out to compete in various mini-games and win 15% of the race.

  • All horses will have a 10% fee

  • A fee is given to players who are taken out to compete in various mini-games and win 3% of the race.

  • Fee to all players of 2%

  • 10% of the accumulated fees are collected into the Tournament Pool

  • 20% of the accumulated fees will be deposited into the World Grand Prix Pool

Lock Period:

  1. First Month: $1 for 30 days per bird.

  2. Second Month: $1 for 15 days per bird.

  3. Third Month: $1 for 7 days per bird.

  4. Fourth Month Onwards: $1 for 3 days per animal or $1.99 for 7 days per animal, etc.

Award Claim:

For the reward, each player can claim it once per day.

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