Speed Star


Certain activities such as training and racing can fatigue your horse and it can become injured. The gameplay is designed to mimic real life, where this can improve simply by the passing of time. However, if you want to speed up the recovery from injury and tiredness, you will require the skills of a therapist. The role of the therapist is to cure these issues, so the horse gets back to the track or to training as fast as possible. However, there is a cost implication from using the services of a therapist.
Horses injured upon treatment will not increase the Therapist's Fatigue and can heal injuries with a 100% success rate.

Therapist Skill

A Therapist's unique abilities will help horses to gain more effective healing. The recovery cost is randomly assigned for each horse’s healing. The recovery will also be dependent upon other factors such as the horse's physical condition.

Facilities Bonus

In ‘Treat Course’, there is the option of having treatment with a therapist. If the horse owner has the same type of Facility and course, the horse will receive a bonus from the Facility. The effect that occurs will depend on each facility type. Courses with effects can take only one horse for treatment at that time, such as ​Pasture and ​Hot Spring.

Therapist Stats

The amount of Therapist Stats will affect a Treatment bonus that will be added to Total Recovery.
Therapist Stat 1 point = Treatment +0.025
For example, if you have a Therapist Stat 234 points, the Treatment Bonus that will be added to Total Recovery will be 5.85.

Mastery Bonus, Energy and Wage

The therapist's expertise affects the horse's fatigue recovery, the player's energy consumption, and the minimum wage rate for each activity.
Recovery time
Mastery 1
1% ~ 3%
500 $SPEED
Mastery 2
4% ~ 7%
1,000 $SPEED
Mastery 3
8% ~ 10%
1,500 $SPEED
Mastery 4
10% ~ 15%
2,000 $SPEED
Mastery 5
15% ~ 20%
2,500 $SPEED
These wages will be taxed 35% and will be burned out of the circulating supply as fees.