As a racehorse breeder, your aim is to breed strong horses – that are ready to race and help you to become a champion!

This career is vitally important to the SpeedStar game. Without any breeders, there would only be astronomically expensive horses on the market. If your breeding skills are god-like, the next racehorse born might just be that special one

Breeder Board

The Breeder has two important modes of operation. These are creating a Seed Potion from the seed of the male horse and using this to breed with a female horse in order for her to give birth to a foal. The make-up of the Seed Potion affects the breed of the offspring.

Energy and Wage

The Breeder Mastery level influences how much energy the Breeder will need to use for each job as well as the floor price for Breeder activities when posting a Job.


Mastery 1


500 $SPEED

Mastery 2


1,000 $SPEED

Mastery 3


1,500 $SPEED

Mastery 4


2,000 $SPEED

Mastery 5


2,500 $SPEED

These wages will be subject to a 35% tax, which will be burned and removed from the circulating supply. The same applies to service fees.

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