Daddy Horses

Seed Potions

The Seed Potion of the daddy horse (stallion) is used in the breeding process. The male seed is collected by the Breeder, who then creates a Seed Potion with it. These are generated through the Breeder board and are created as NFTs. These can then be used as a player asset that can be passed on or traded through the marketplace.

Breeding Count and Fees

The breeding of horses will require both the daddy and mommy horse genes. The number of times a horse can breed will be indicated by the Breed Count of the parents. The daddy horse has a breed limit of 18 times, whereas the mommy horse limit is 9. The daddy horse breed count will only reduce upon successful extraction of a Seed potion. The Breeding fees vary, according to the rarity of the daddy horse.

RarityBreeding FeesFatigue


500 $SPEED

-20 Point


1,000 $SPEED

-20 Point


2,000 $SPEED

-20 Point


4,000 $SPEED

-20 Point


10,000 $SPEED

-20 Point

All service fees will be burned 100%, this means the more horses that are being bred, the more $SPEED is being burned. Breeding will have additional costs as well, such as the wage for the Breeder. This wage will also be subject to a 35% tax deduction, which will be burned out of the circulating supply.

Breeder Stats (Make Seed Potion)

Making Seed Potions offers the Breeder the opportunity of rewards depending on the volume they create.

Breeder stat 1 point = +1 seed bonus +0.02502502502% For example, if your breeder stat is at one hundred points, then your chance of gaining one extra Seed Potion would increase by 2.5025025025%.

Mastery bonus (Making Seed Potions)

The Seed Potion creation has a 50% chance to fail and a 50% chance of succeeding. MR can be used to increase this success chance.

MasterySuccess rate

Mastery 1


Mastery 2


Mastery 3


Mastery 4


Mastery 5

Success 100%

Note that upon failure to extract a seed potion the following conditions will apply:

  • The breeding fee paid for the daddy horse will not be returned, however the breeding count will not decrease either.

  • The Breeder will not receive any wages due, but will still receive $JOC and EXP

Cooldown time

The duration of the daddy horseโ€™s Seed Potion cooldown is 1 hour in total.

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