Facility Blueprints

Blueprints for facilities

First of all, you will need blueprints to build and expand your facilities. You are unable to construct anything you do not have the blueprint for.

Initial facilities are limited. This may result in insufficient expansion of the ranch for many players. To increase the number of buildings, a Facility Blueprint is required as a building plan.

Where do blueprints come from?

Blueprints can be purchased by players from the Blueprint Shop, the shop used to purchase Blueprints. The price per piece is 10 (USD/$STAR). Players need materials to craft according to the building's conditions, such as wood, stone, iron, etc.

"Facility Blueprint sampling rates and chances are the same for all Rarities."

The terms of sale for Blueprint are as follows:

  1. The blueprint shop will be under maintenance on the 1st of every month from 05.00 to 05.10 oโ€™clock (UTC+0)

  2. 5 Blueprint packs will be added to the blueprint shop every hour until we reach 1000 packs total. (There will only be a total of 1000 Packs per month).

  3. If the 1000 Packs provided sell out before the end of the month, the blueprint shop will countdown the time until the next maintenance.

  4. The counter for total blueprints sold will reset after each maintenance period.

Where can the material be found?

Players can win building materials in the Wild Horse Run play mode, which will reward material tokens. Sometimes you may even earn free wild horses from playing this mode.

Withdrawing Materials from the game requires 10 $SPEED for each fee.

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