Speed Star
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Game Flow

Build facilities and train your racehorses. Compete in races and win great prices!
Build the horse ranch of you dreams. Fill the ranch with a range of amazing horses. Earn rewards from your ranch and horses – and aim to become a legendary light-speed racer!

Build your ranch

Players can buy horses through the Marketplace, search for raw materials and win exclusive horses by joining in the Wild Horse Run. When you breed your own horse, you have a guarantee it will be unique. Naturally, when you own a horse, you probably will want to have a stable for it.

Nurture and train horses

Joining Dirt Courses and Walking machines can add more stats for the races. Having the horse trained with the Trainer will also help a horse to also be less tired. So train your horse well and get ready for the race.


The competition in the game has a variety of fields and formats, e.g. Official competitions, General competitions for advancement and even the World Championship for the greatest prize in history. You have to go through a lot of battles and compete with other players to get to finally reach the top!