Speed Star

Wild Horse

Wild Horse is similar to a standard horse. But there are some things that make Wild Horse get more special than standard horses. Let's see!
  • The Wild Horses have a random chance of receiving a level between 5-10 as a reward.
  • The Wild Horses will randomly receive current stats at up to 80% of Max Stats STA SPD DEX INT including GAT and TMP.
  • Wild Horses could either be barren or have the ability to breed up to 1-3 times depending on the randomness.
  • Wild horses have a different stubbornness than normal horses and therefore cannot be trained with the Training Facilities.
  • Wild horses will grow and train themselves from the forest. Therefore, the horse will last 15-50 from the date it was acquired by the player.
Wild Horses can only be obtained from the Wild Horse Run, which can be sold as NFTs on the Marketplace. Materials to be used in building new facilities on the ranch can be found through this mode.