Speed Star

Sale Roadmap

The distribution roadmap for all 10,000 origin horses
10,000 Genesis horses
First of all, we would like to thank our readers for their interest in our project. The development team came up with a promotion plan during the sale of the Origin horses so that all 10,000 horses would be scattered around the Starverse. The initial sales plan is as follows:
  • There will be an event giving away 1,000,000 $STAR to the owners of 10,000 origin horses.
  • The marketplace has been launched. Here, you can buy or sell the origin horses and facilities. This is available at ToFuNFT.com
  • The origin horses can be staked on the ranch to earn SPEED Tokens to use within the game.
  • Avatars can be created that users can stake to earn JOC Tokens for use in the game.