๐Ÿ”ฅTaxes and fees

The wage tax system and the fees within the game.

The employment tax system and the trading fees within the game are set by the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) for holders of $STAR only.

A system of voting will be implemented in order to restructure the tax and in-game fees. Therefore, the majority vote will determine the direction of the economic system within the game, such as lowering the tax ceiling, or the raising of taxes to reduce liquidity within the system in order to keep the valuation of various assets constant. With regard to these mechanisms, please note the following.

Marketplace fees

The fee from trading in-game assets is set by fault at 4.25%. This fee will be deducted from the seller every time the product is sold in the marketplace. This fee will be paid by the seller. The fees will be distributed pro-rata with 3% going to the reward pools, and 1.25% being generated as income for the development team.

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Taxes on players earning SPEED Token

Token Players who are hired within the game will earn $SPEED. However, in order to maintain liquidity in the economy, players who are hired in the game will be taxed on their earnings. However, according to the contract, it is the employer who is liable to pay the taxes of the players.

Tax withheld ($SPEED Earnings) of players when they are paid by their employer. This tax will be burned immediately to reduce it. The system's supply is circulating. The tax rate for this section is set at 35% and will only change after a vote on the tax restructuring.

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