We are aware that using Harmony ONE might be a new thing for some people. Therefore, we decided to provide a manual that explains how to use Metamask and Harmony ONE. This is so that all our users may have a greater experience with it.

Connect Network

Step 1: MetaMask Wallet

download and install MetaMask

Step 2: Add Harmony or Polygon to MetaMask

add RPC Network on MetaMask
add RPC Network on MetaMask

Step 3: Horizon Bridge

Trade NFT Items

How to buy seed potion on TofuNFT : https://bit.ly/3Djdf9i

How to sell seed potion on TofuNFT : https://bit.ly/3S0vnZC

How to buy a Ranch Certificate : https://bit.ly/3U6kFm6


How to Deposit Tokens : https://bit.ly/3DhWpYh

How to Withdraw Tokens : https://bit.ly/3RE9n77

How to Deposit NFTs items : https://bit.ly/3REeNPF

How to Withdraw NFTs items : https://bit.ly/3RAe8Ph

How to $STAR Redeem : https://bit.ly/3qwNA5s

How to Withdraw Materials : https://bit.ly/3BsvUOB


How to be a Jockey : https://bit.ly/3LlQvHX

How to be a Breeder : https://bit.ly/3BulwWB

How to be a Trainer : https://bit.ly/3d5wwjX

How to be a Therapist : https://bit.ly/3RKakeb

How to do Wild Horse Run activity : https://bit.ly/3d6thIV


How to play a Horserace Mode : https://bit.ly/3xjgji2

How to Breeding A Horse Mode (Mommy) : https://bit.ly/3RBNKnP (Daddy) : https://bit.ly/3U7K7aX

How to Training A Horse Mode : https://bit.ly/3B8XH5l

How to Treat A Horses Mode : https://bit.ly/3QBfOGT

How to do Wild Horse Run activity. : https://bit.ly/3d9FBbp

Ranch System

How to Yield Farming : https://bit.ly/3U2R4tW

How to Craft a Facility : https://bit.ly/3qwn9wE

How to use Ranch Certificate : https://bit.ly/3UhY06P

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